Friday, 10 June 2011

On the Painting Table: My Ogres…

Well this is my first “freelance” post for my good chum Tim’s blog, The Last Chance War.

Firstly I had to decide what I was to write about. Do I cover my Chaos Warriors army that I’ve painted but only used once? Or perhaps I those amazing rat bastards also known as the Skaven horde?

Well I decided against both of these options and instead opted for my small Ogre detachment. 

A while ago I ordered a box of 6 Ogre Bulls from Wayland Games online store (which is an excellent resource by the way and I thoroughly recommend that you take a look when you can) as I wanted a stand alone detachment of either Ogres or Trolls.  In another life I’d ordered some Leadbeltchers which are fantastic models so I knew pretty much what I’d be getting when they arrived. 

Originally I thought about heavily converting them to the ways of the chaos but if you read their section in the codex it states that ogres are resistant to mutation and with the excellent Forge World Ogres a reasonable price I thought that I’d leave them as God had intended. 

So with the small conversion bug on my shoulder I thought that perhaps I’d put more effort into the bases.  Normally I decide to use static grass, sand and bird grit which gives an excellent result but I wanted something a little different this time.  Luckily at work there are many flower beds that have the slate shingle around them, one lunchtime I foraged for small pieces of slate that would suit my needs and hey presto, I found plenty.  Admittedly I may have looked a little crazy and I did get some rather odd looks but it was worth it.

With the slate in hand I then wanted to embellish the base a little more.  I added a Gnoblar on a barrel, a couple of shields and a broken dagger to each individual base which I thought would bring the three models together. 
I hope that you’ll agree that they look really good.  I think that having the Gnoblar to the left of the detachment it gives the impression that he’s giving the orders.  Here’s a close up of one of them, giving a good look at his scenic base.

I’d be interested in hearing what everyone thinks of them as I have another 3 models with scenic bases to make up in the very near future.

Happy dweebing as my girlfriend would say.

Michael “Thorgrim” Batten.

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  1. So, one year after your post, you finally get to hear what someone thinks:
    They're super! I love 'em. That gnoblar on the barrel looks really funny. I think I'm gonna steal that idea from you ;)
    Did you fill the right ogre's belly-hole eventually?