Monday, 31 January 2011

The Deserted Town of Cleft Falls

Tomb Kings (Mike) vs Empire (Tim)
Marcus von Drak had made a grievous error and his people were paying for it. In what might have been an ingenious strategic play, Marcus had ordered his army north west to attack and capture land controlled by the Tomb Kings, but in doing so he had left Aldium to the south exposed and vulnerable. With only part of their vast armies pinned in place by the Empire troops, the Tomb Kings had captured Aldium and subjugated its citizens.
But von Drak’s forces were committed to battle and there was no turning back now!
Deep in the woods north of Aldium was the abandoned village of Cleft Falls, overgrown and ruinous. Knowing the Tomb Kings would use the open ground on its approach as a shortcut to the Old Silk Road and Malko itself, Marcus positioned his troops in ambush, deployed in the buildings. He and his knights took up position in an orchard close to a gap in the tumbledown wall leading onto the lane.

The Tomb Kings approached silently.
The undead were the arch enemy of the entire von Drak clan from hundreds of years earlier but this was the first time they had faced one another since the dark days of the Vampire Wars of Sylvania. Marcus knew a thing or two about taking them down, most important being the elimination of the dark magic user whose power kept them walking. He had snipers positioned throughout his force to eliminate the Liche Priest and as the skeletons marched closer he gave the order and all that could hold a gun opened fire.
Nile, the great Wizard Lord , summoned his magics and leapt forth flame from his fingertips, scorching what foul magics kept bone joined to bone until it gave way. Channelling the winds of magic, he ripped apart chariot after chariot. But while Nile had his successes, Claudette, the Battle Wizard, could not focus her energies to successfully cast the might Transformation of Kador on herself – a magical feat that would have turned the battle.
But still the skeletal host kept coming. With barren reserve, the undying ones kept their march stolid and resolute; not impetuous, hoping to draw their enemies out of cover. And draw them they did! But the undead had not banked on the power of Marcus von Drak! Even with their masterfully planned tactical manoeuvring, pinning von Drak’s knights in place then charging in from every side, the strength and armour of the knights could not be overcome.

But still the snipers could not eliminate the Liche Priest and while he lived, the army continued to march. The skeletons were driving unit after unit from the buildings and soon there would be nothing left to stop them.
Too late, Old Scratch, the Battle Standard Bearer, realised that he had held his Greatswords back too long. The battle would be lost before he weighed his mighty sword into the combat. Already their lines were crumbling.
Roaring in frustration, Marcus von Drak gave the order to withdraw. It had been close fought and almost tied but this was not the place they would win. Once again the soldiers of the Empire had proven nothing but the lack of their strength where it was most needed. They could only hope that attacking anew from a fallback position would win the long battle.
For now the Tomb Kings had won.
For now they were scant miles from Malko and dominion of the centre of the Devil’s Pathway.

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  1. Great scenery. It certainly looks like an abandoned town. Loved the detail of the vegetation on top of the buildings.