Monday, 24 January 2011

No More the Massacre

Ogres (Tim) vs Tempestrians (Gill)

With such devastating attacks on them from all sides, the Ogres of the Kingdom of the Great Maw were at greater risk now than they had ever been. Their capital was within spitting distance of their enemies and the Tempestrians and Daemons had annihilated them again and again. If they lost another battle it might just lead to the crumpling of their entire strength.

Now the old foes were facing one another again: the Knights of Tempest Falls on one side of the field, the Ogres on the other.

Where before the Ogres had relied on brute strength however, now they stood supported as never before by great heroes of their race. A battle standard swung above the ranks and not one, but two butchers tapped into the power of the Great Maw.

The Ogres surged forward to meet the knights and as they did so, the butchers used their power to strengthen their ranks, building on the already protigious strength of their Bulls. But across the field the field the Temperstrians had built on their power as well Rachel d'Astatic was tapping into the Chaos Vein as never before, toying with the Daemonic magic of Tzeentch. She shot forth blasts of eldritch energy that chewed into the Ogres with the bow-fire of the men under her command, tearing them down more rapidly than her former power ever would have allowed.

Undeterred, the Tyrant and his Battle Standard Bearer charged into Methuselah upon his mighty Hippogriff, and staggering all observers, ripped him down, throwing the powerful lord's unconscious body to the side.

The knights made impact but the Ogres pummelled back at them. Still, though huge, the unarmoured behemoths couldn't take the same punishment that they were dealing out and the knights started to whittle them away. Surviving an incredible pounding from sorcery and missile fire, King Maw circled with his Battle Standard Bearer, but both his Butchers had been taken down and now the Winds of Magic belonged to the Tempestrians.

The battle was going ill for the Ogres but still they fought on. This was going to be a loss but it wouldn't be a massacre. They would be knocked back but no more would the Ogre forces be routed.

The Ogres continued to hack into the knights and they almost seized victory, but the knight's discipline was too great, their training too honed. Nevertheless, this wasn't a massacre; far from it.

This was the beginning of the time when the Ogres would fight back.


  1. Those poor Ogres can't catch a break can they!

  2. I must admit I have a soft spot for the Ogres. I secretly wish they get to have the last say on this war...

  3. I have a soft spot for Ogres too but they keep getting their ass kicked.