Thursday, 17 November 2011


Well I've been off painting (and blogging) for three months now while I concentrated on my comic artwork.

If you're interested in checking that out then take a look at my Freak Hole blog.

But now I'm back! For now at least. I decided I needed a break from drawing for a few days and what better to start me off gently than one of the most beautiful scenery pieces I've ever seen (and had the pleasure of receiving as a present from my lovely wife at Easter).

This is the Watchtower Ruin "Nalog" from Ziterdes, bearing more than a passing resemblance to Forge World's Ruined Watchtower of Amon Sul at Weathertop from Lord of the Rings.

It's so nice, the pictures kind of speak for themselves.

I used Adeptus Battlegrey followed by Codex and then Fortress Greys to paint it, working the lighter colours into the upper areas. Then I gave it a pathcy dry bruch of Bubonic Brown which I think really makes scenery look more natural (and also adds a spicey bit of colour to an otherwise drab piece - you have to be careful with grey scenery).

I'm going to use this to represent a specific special location in my Warhammer campaign. This will be cool and memorable but will mean only one game gets played on it each campaign turn, if that (once every six months if I'm lucky - maybe even once a year). This seems like a bit of a waste so in the meantime I'm going to weave it into the plotline for my Necroplis Horror Miniatures campaign.