Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I Just Remembered a Rule!!!

How many times have I played a game of Warhammer, only to remember a rule after it is too late!

Like when my Skaven Screaming Bell "failed a break test" and fled, getting run down. It was weeks later I realised it was unbreakable!!!!

So I played a game tonight with my good friend Mike where a foolish ignorant mistake on my part led to a combination of good-natured ribbing and enraged imagined head-butting.

Killing Blows do not affect Monstrous Infantry. Unfortunately I didn't realise this when they were applied, in a challenge, to my Ogre Tyrant. Over the rest of that combat I later worked out I would have done a whopping twenty one wounds had I read the rulebook properly.

Boy have I learned my lesson!

I hope...

Mike and I also learned a valuable lesson about supporting attacks from second rank models being limited to one attack per model. The amazing success of his Plague Censer Bearers in our last game can be knocked up to that one.

Not that I'm bitter. Oh no!

Well... maybe a little.

Alright, a lot.

So, to remind myself:

  • Killing Blow doesn't kill Monstrous Infantry!
  • Second rank models only get one attack!
  • Don't forget fear checks!
  • And don't forget stomp attacks!
And maybe I won't get my ass kicked quite so badly in future!

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