Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Gallows!

Well I saw these on eBay and just had to have them!!

They're the Old West Hang Em High Gallows from Battle Flag and they really are a joy to own.

Now I have a usual rule about always building my own terrain but I was so excited about this kit I "forgot" about it.

It's one of these new wood kits with punch out parts and it was pretty easy to buildand super easy to paint. The hardest parta actually was the noose.

I ended up realising that the secret was to make a full scale noose then just keep tightening it until the hopp was the right size. Making one to scale immediately was too fiddly.

 Look! The trapdoor opens and it has a cute little lever and everything!

There's not much more to say. We can only bask in the coolness. 

I'm still basking. 

Yep. Basking away...

Friday, 25 January 2013

On the Painting Table: Ogre Ironblaster


Man, I have had this dude for AGES and REALLY couldn't be bothered to paint him. But now I have!

The original model has the ogre holding some sort of strap things but these snapped and I didn't like the look of them anyway. I preferred him with a couple of hand weapons instead!

I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the rules but hey! It isn't about that half the time and I do love the model. Isn't that enough for God's sake!?!?!?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

On the Painting Table: Skaven Characters!

Well LAST Christmas (before the one we just had) I got a bunch of Skaven miniatures in my sack. In typical fashion I spent a year getting round to painting them.

And here they are!

This is the dude from the Warhammer boxed game Isle of Blood.

He's amazingly nice but in some ways I kind of don't like him.

Then there's this Craventail chap.

Reasonably cool I guess.

Observant viewers may notice he has a solid gold ponytail.

(Grins inanely)

And then there's this happy chappy!

I actually like him best! I'd love to make a rat ogre with the warlord on his back but haven't got round to it. I'm kind of hoping GW will produce one sometime. This is the miniature I would probably use if I was going to do a conversion.

All of these models are going to be special characters in my campaign at some point. For now they're just lying in wait.

And of course we've already seen Killbloater!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to Base the Garden of Morr!

If you own the beautiful Garden of Morr, you probably empathise with how irritating it is to put together.

If this pile of bits looks familiar then this tutorial is for you.

1) Realise that although the Garden of Morr looks great when assembled it is far too annoying to build over and over again.

2) Go to Pizza Go Go and order some delicious "Chicken Hot" pizza. Either take advantage of their free delivery or buy one, get one free on collection offers.

3) Eat pizza.

4) Assemble garden of Morr for the second last time inside pizza box.

5) Notice just how badly it fits together.

6) Wonder why it wasn't designed to jigsaw in more closely.

7) Draw round the base of the Garden of Morr leaving a little room on all sides.

8) Eat after dinner mint while trying to roll three dice until they equal nine.

9) Cut out shape and build Garden of Morr on the base for what you pray will be the last time.

10) Eat second after dinner mint. 

11)  Use clippers to cut off some of the inner wall base so it fits together better.

12) Roll a triple six.

13) When Garden of Morr is FINALLY fully constructed, use super glue to fix parts in place.

14) Wait for glue to dry then paint all areas of the base with black paint.

15) Tip bird grit all over base so that it sticks to the paint.

16) Wish you'd rotated the photo before attaching it to blog.

17) Hope nobody in the online community notices your Minnie Mouse  coaster.

18) Paint the bird grit black.

19) Dry brush inner areas grey.

20) Line up Mantic Bull Centaurs on levitating cutting mat in pleasing configuration.

21) Prepare spirit level for brush straightness test.

22) Realise grey gravel looks terrible.

23) Redo gravel to match warboard: black | dark brown | light brown | mustard | cream.

24) Test straightness of brush using spirit level.

25)Put mausoleums into Garden of Morr.

26) Reflect on how ace it looks.

27) Feel smug that you never have to rebuild the sodding thing again.

28) Test straightness of knife using spirit level.

29) Put Garden of Morr on shelf really easily.

30) Feel more smug.