Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Song of the Massacre on Filigree Plain

Beastmen & Chaos Dwarfs (Tim) vs Ogres (Mike)

From out the woods of Darkest Heart 
Came baying Beasts with weapons high
With horns and cloven hooves and snouts 
And wiry muscles drenched in fur 
The Beastmen came to bring their hate 
Of all things walking unlike them 

And with the Beasts of bowers dark
Came stunted monsters decked in steel 
Once noble and heroic born 
Now only wrong did they begat 
And marching rank on rank in gold 
They came to slake their vicious thirst 

 The Ogre Kingdom of Great Maw 
Besieged by south and west so far 
Now set its shoulders hard to east 
To meet this direst threat 
Twice the height of merest man but no less brutal when at war
The Ogres bellowed challenges 
And charged to test their strength 

Clash of axe and sword and club 
Clash of head and horn 
The Ogres and the Beasts and Dwarfs 
Did quake the earth beneath 
On the Plain of Filigree 
They fought until the dusk 

Battle raged and wounds were cut 
Bodies hewn and crushed 
Sorcery bought greater might 
And summoned nature's wrath
Spawn of Chaos were cut down 
But Beast Gors held their ground

The sun grew near to setting's time 
And still the combat fought 
Neither Ogres, Dwarfs, nor Beasts
Would flee without won war 
For all were animals in mind 
And wanted only death 

 But battles cannot last for long 
With end of day comes end of life 
Armies smashed and then devoured 
As victors rage with bloody lust 
And even well-matched foes must learn 
That one must lose for one to win 

The Beasts and Dwarfs had held the Plain 
And Filigree was theirs to claim 
The Ogres proud and confident
Had lost it all in just one day
Now battered, broken, slain and gone, 
Their Kingdom was at risk

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