Friday, 4 March 2011

On the Painting Table: Trolls!

I have owned these Trolls for an awful long time but never got round to completing them… why?

The biggest factor probably is the ridiculous size of my Orc & Goblin army. It really is getting ridiculous now – as I mentioned, big enough to split off into at least two separate armies. It’s over double the size (in men) of most of my other armies, and as such, it does seem silly to dedicate too much time to adding new units.
Having said that, I still have plenty more Orcs and Goblins unmade and unpainted. I’m even considering using the old Storm of Chaos scenario – where one side has double the number of points as the other – when fielding them.
Anyway, the centre troll is a stone troll and the outer ones are the ones that came in the Skull Pass boxed set. I went for a very dark look with extreme upper highlights on the blue. The bellies were Codex and Fortress Grey up to White.
Now they’re done I’m not jumping up and down for joy but it’s another project completed and ticked off at least.


  1. You're complaining about the size of your army now? What will happen when you get the giant spider and the new savage orcs?!

  2. I probably won’t get the Savage Orcs. I hate those hard muscles.

    And I really do have too many Orcs!