Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Chaos Dwarf K'Daai Destroyer

Heh heh.

What the hell is this, I hear you ask.


One of my Christmas presents was the Warhammer Forge book, Tamurkhan - the Throne of Chaos, in which an official army list (of sorts) is provided at last for Chaos Dwarfs. There were some surprises in it and some really nice bits too.

And one of these led me to this.

There are rules in the book for what is called a K'daai Destroyer, basically a huge enchanted metal statue that strides to war on a base the same size as an Arachnarok Spider.

There's a little note in the margin saying that Forge World don't have any immediate plans to release a model for this so I quickly reached for eBay and ten minutes later had this beautiful model winging its way towards me.

The model I used was a Zodiac Taurus figure from McFarlane Toys. 

K'daai Destroyers are very fast (Movement 9) and very tough (Strength 7, Toughness & Wounds 6, a 4+ Ward Save). Needless to say, an Unbreakable model with this stat line was exactly what I wanted to cheaply fill out my army list and provide some nicely attractive overkill.

 I painted the model Boltgun Metal | Black Wash | Boltgun Metal | Chainmail and Dwarf Bronze | Flesh Wash | Dwarf Bronze | Shining Gold | Burnished Gold; with Tin Bitz | Dwarf Bronze for the fur. And I am loving him.

 To fit in with the theme and description I could have gone with flaming eyes of something but I'm have a real pain getting that right on my Chaos Dwarf lord on Great Taurus and I decided to forgo it. At least for now.

 I am so looking forward to use this chap but I have another twenty five Chaos Dwarfs to paint before I can (d'oh!).

And did I mention he's poseable!

Though not by much. Just his hands really.

This guy is a must have, I'm telling you.He's my favourite "miniature" for a long time.


  1. Nice! This is the first destroyer I've seen since the list came out. I'm using an old Leviathan dwarf war golem, but he's not as big as this dude, great find.

  2. Wow.. am just about to do up a K'Daai Destroyer commission and this is a great inspiration to keep on hand for it. Very nicely done man. And more so that the model was so cheap! The one that I am working with is a tad more expensive, but will have to look into getting one of these guys for my own CD army.

  3. This is such a cool model. Very clever to use such a cheap action figure for your army. This must draw attention to your games. Awesome. My jaw dropped seeing this.

    1. Thanks buddy! I do love this model and the size makes him really feel as powerful on the tabletop as his stats dictate.

  4. I must thank you, i had a hard time finding a cool model for the destroyer. I just bourght one on ebay and it is both cheap and cool looking. Thanks again and cool paint job.