Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Tour of the War Room

It's a slow news day so allow me to take a pause to introduce you to my war room.

My personal top criteria when we moved house last was to have space for at least a six foot war board. Our previous house had been pushed to manage a four foot one in our hobby room.

As you can see, my wife supported this initiative, making her one of the greatest wives in history and the envy of wargamers the world over.

I used to keep my miniatures in boxes in the shed (one for each army) but a few shelves later and now the fantasy ones at least are standing ready for deployment on their movement trays - a lot less irritating pre-game. Although I'm running out of space - big time!

This is the inspiring sight that greets me as I write on the computer. It can be a tad distracting when I'm trying to work on my novel!

In the old fireplace (now replastered and closed off) I have a small lit display area for my latest army. Here we see the Men of Stone on parade.

And then there's my scenery storage. I also like to keep my more delicate miniatures on shelves too so you may be able to spot a waving Hive Tyrant up there. If you really squint you may even pick out some Inquisitor models!

At first I had a thing where I created little scenes on these shelves each time I put the scenery away. You can imagine how long THAT lasted.

(not long)

But I'm really reaching my limit on space. You can see my bridge leaning against the wall above on the left and my Chaos Dwarfs stealing a scenery shelf.

I definitely need to build more shelves!

These are all the old buildings my wife, son and I built for Mordheim back in the day. Some of them aren't as good as I'd like so I tend not to use them so much nowadays unless I'm trying to cover the board in old buildings.

And here's Haydon! The most important visitor to the war room!

I have a desk in the bay window where I paint and draw so I created a little cat habitat with an old pizza box and a cushion so that he could look out the window and then have a snooze next to his hard-working miniature-loving dad.


  1. Lovely setup! Must be nice to be surrounded by all that great looking fully painted stuff!

  2. Thanks. It surely is - especially after so many years of obsession without such a nice set-up. Well... if you're in the Bournemouth area then feel free to drop by for a game!

  3. Hey mate. Nice to see an update here.

    How do you deal with the dust issue? I used to store models on shelves as well but after a while they were all covered in dust which was a paint to clean. I now keep some of my stuff in boxes and the few shelves I use to display finished models have a glass panel door (which prevents a bit of dus from filtering in but doesn't stop it at all).

    Love your modeling work mate.


  4. Yeah... Dust does build up a bit on the scenery - but not noticeably (yet) on the men. On the whole it hasn’t been a problem really.

    Thanks for the complement.

  5. That's a HUGE collection dude. OMG. My wife would kill me if I obsessed like that xD
    Fortunately, I don't have the cash for such a vast collection, and I only use the models I have for a game called HeroQuest. I mostly like the painting and modelling/customizing, and HeroQuest is a co-op boardgame, not player vs player, so my wife actually enjoys playing it as the DM.
    But I do love gawking at blogs like these. :D

    1. Thank you. I do love collecting and playing. The funny thing is that this is only about half my stuff! All the 40k miniatures are in boxes in the shed!

      I like board games too. I’m a big fan of Space Hulk and Space Crusade; though haven’t played them in a while…

  6. Why did I not see this? I see the projects that I commented on standing on the shelves ( the Destroyers, the Bridge, the Tower of Sorcery! ) but didn't see this post.. EPIC mate.. pure epic.. it is the one thing I am really missing which is appropriate amount of shelving to hold everything! Great job, lovely wife, and helpful son to put it all together! Congrats on this!

    1. Heh. They are a cool family. My son was working on a new building over Christmas (still unfinished). Sadly he tends to want to make buildings that don't look very mediaeval.