Monday, 28 May 2012

Vengeance of the Men of Stone

Men of Stone (Tim) vs Wood Elves (Gill) 

The Men of Stone had been ambushed and defeated in deep woods by a cowardly attack from both sides by the Wood Elves of Linwe.

But this time they controlled the theatre of battle. This time they determined the location and moment of attack.

This time they would utterly annihilate their enemies.

The Knights of Ebon Scar and their monstrous lizards caught the Wood Elves in the open and cracked the mass of their forces hard into the centre of the Elven phalanx, even a, far to the west, the Orcs did the same thing. 

 It didn't matter that the slim creatures fought hard, or that they took casualties themselves.

This was a battle that the Knights of Ebon Scar refused to lose.

With their huge Terminator knights crashing into the flailing claws of the Bloodwood Drakes, glistening magical blades brought down the great beasts.

The Knights were unstoppable and the Wood Elves of Linwe came to understand their folly in facing them. 


  1. Great action shots mate.. won't comment on the drakes again, your explanation was good enough last time ;) Terminators look great also!

  2. Thanks! I got really behind on my game write ups and when I went back to look at the photos a lot of them were blurry.

    I still have about a three game backlog so I should pull me finger out!