Monday, 27 June 2011

Crisis Averted!

This is what I found in my war room the other morning when I woke up.

The screws were half way out of the wall; the shelf with all my Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings poised, ready to fall.

Man, just imagine the horror if that lot had plummeted to the ground!

See my Undead Rhino at the far end? He would have been the first to shatter!


But ten minutes later with my son on the case, the Undead nation was safe once more!

Thanks Raish!


  1. Bloody hell!!! IT's like your worst nightmare happening!

  2. I had a cabinet shelf collapse in my chaos cabinet years ago, it was the second shelf up so it fell on the troops below-not good times. I repaired everything but one of the flesh hounds heads were never found.