Monday, 6 December 2010

Strategic Movement

The armies are moving ever quickly, each trying to strategically outmanoeuvre its neighbours...
The forces of Chaos have moved north into an Ogre-controlled region, expanding their realm despite the encircling Wood Elf armies. And a second chaos army has appeared spontaneously from the warp in the northern provinces of the Barrow King realm, throwing the Barrow King  plan into disarray and apparently breaking the treaty between Nagash and their daemonic masters.
The Men of New Sylvania, facing very difficult decisions have moved in two directions. They have attacked once more the Skaven force they fought within the Sleeping Woods, pinning them in place to prevent their reaching Spikehole quickly enough to defend it from the closing undead. More precariously, the New Sylvanians chose not to withdraw to Aldium, instead risking a frontal assault on the Barrow Kings north of there. This move would expand their realms but risked the loss of the town to the living dead.
Almost completely pinned, the only Skaven army that could risk movement was the force that had recently taken Fortress Malefic. Knowing the Vampire Counts would be racing south to retake their realm and conscious of the joint threat against their own capital, they have struck north to Blood River, pinning the vampires there.
Next come the Ogres, marching stolidly southeast toward the castle kingdom of Tempest Falls, strongest of the realms in the Border Princes. Each step they take captures ground held by the Tempestrians and the knights are brought to battle on the banks of the Upper Thunder River. The incursion of Chaos into their realm does not go unnoticed however. The Ogres do not take kindly to this and strike southward to eliminate them immediately.
The Wood Elves, spiteful, hateful creatures that they are, have two objectives. The first: the cleanse the forest of the foul taint of chaos; and second: to eradicate their ancient enemies, the Dwarfs. They strike west, into the lands of the Dwarfs; the build up to a major offensive at their home. And if the Orcs come in the way, well...
In a highly precarious position, the Vampire Counts have acted both defensively and offensively. Moving east into the Iron Claw Orc Camp, a special map section, they will hopefully hold on to that important area and at the same time, possibly be able to provide support for two adjacent battles. Meanwhile, they strike at last at Spikehole, the Skaven capital.
Moving up to support the Vampire Count assault on Spikehole, the Barrow Kings continue their plan to capture all the land south of the Old Silk Road. With their forces already pinned in two places, they are left with only limited manoeuvrability, but what they have they take advantage of. The Barrow Kings attack the new source of Chaos in their realm and perhaps most tragically, invade the peaceful town of Aldium, taking it for their own.
Now, only the Tempestrians and the Dwarfs remain to move. When that happens, the first campaign turn will be over and the battles will commence!

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  1. Well, I'm very curious to see the outcome of all these new moves. The Ogres might turn out to be victorious with their strategic approach. Chaos is always dangerous, no matter what. As for the Wood Elves, this turn may decide if they will prevail or if they will fall forever.