Monday, 6 December 2010

The Orcs have Moved!

Seizing the inititative, the Orc and Goblin armies have moved first, taking the red-lined special realm of Tor Anrok. This will count as two realms if they can hold onto it, while depriving the Dwarfs of two. Fearing Dwarfen reprisal they've struck north, locking a Dwarf army in place.

Wary of losing control to their south, an army of Orcs has taken up station close to their border to protect against the Barrow Kings while further south, basking in their recently won glory, the Goblins have neglected their Skaven allies and pushed onwards into Barrow King territory, locking an undead army on the Blood River bridge.

Whether to lock the Vampire Counts poised next to the Skaven capital was a bit of a moral dilemma but hey! They're Orcs! They do what they want!

Whether the Skaven will see it that way is another matter...

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