Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Defence of Beggar's Mount

Gill (Vampire Counts) vs Tim (Chaos Dwarfs)

The rolling tide of the undead invasion had been stymied and repulsed but with the massacre at Fortress Malefic it was rushing on again, pushing north, invading the lands snatched by the stubby grasping fingers of the Chaos Dwarfs.

But the stunted ones were not about to surrender their misappropriated lands. Their host arrayed itself as the two forces came together of windswept Beggar's Mount, in sight of the sinister guillotine that once had slain so many of the innocent and not so innocent.

Under moonlit skies, the two armies clashed, both of them circling in toward the guillotine at the peak of the mount; the dwarfs because this landmark stood as a rallying point of their conquests, the forces of the vampire counts for darker purposes.

Summoning the fell spirits that had long haunted that withering place, the vampire countess, Rebecca
Belikov, sent them charging forward, knowing that the towering behemoths of the Chaos Dwarfs could do them no harm.

As wraiths led the attack against one of the indomitable K'daai Destroyers, the spirit host assaulted the Dwarfs themselves.

The Prophet of Hashut, riding the powerful shoulders of his Bale Taurus soared to the right, hoping to outflank the enemy approach through the woods but he didn't see the charge of a Black Coach until it was too late to avoid it. The skeletal driver swung his scythe over and over, hacking at the dwarf general, but though the coach was destroyed under the hammering hooves of the great bull, its rider was slain.

Still the battle raged between the ethereal elements of the undead force and the most powerful units of the Chaos Dwarfs, both slowly being worn away but neither giving ground, while elsewhere, a morass of zombies closed on the stunted ones as Rebecca herself slashed and hacked at the whirling blades of a mighty Skullcrusher.

Bearing the Runefang she'd taken from the coffers of Sylvania, Rebecca tore the Skullcrusher apart, caring little for its devastating might, but as the Dwarfs alongside brought down the zombie horde, she was yet repelled and forced to withdraw.

The Chaos Dwarfs targeted the enemy magic users, taking away their ability to summon reinforcements and the Daemonsmiths ran to battle, their enchanted weapons the only thing that could harm the spirits immediately turning things around, even as one of the K'daai Destroyers fell with a roar.

Soon the undead army was little more than tatters but it was too late.

The guillotine was theirs and even as the the Chaos Dwarfs closed in to finish the skeletons left in guard, Rachel, from her observation point, uttered the last syllables of an incantation and the Dwarfs were cast off the Mount, their stunted bodies hurled to the very edge of the region.

The loss of hundred of zombies mattered not at all.

Beggar's Mount belonged to the vampires. Their invasion of the Devil's Pathway was underway once more!

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