Monday, 22 October 2012

Massacre at the River's Crook

Chaos Dwarfs & Beastmen (Tim) vs Tempestrians (Gill)

Of evil Dwarfs and deadly Beasts this tale tells,
Of a place where the river bends and trees crowd close,

Of valiant men of Tempestria, ranks of archers and noble knights,
Mighty steeds on falcons wing,

Mighty machines of terror and war gushed smoke,
Stunted legs of sinister warriors strode remorselessly,
Howling man-beasts readied to charge,

Hell Hounds bayed as a ord of darkness surveryed his legions,
The great winged bull beneath him breathing steam and flame,

Towering behemoths of steel and heat swung massive hammers,
Striding through the river undeterred,

And as the forces clashed they fought,
Knight's bane man slayers and their victims all,

Dying men, failing virtue, tainted water,
Death and death and only death,

Only of death does this tale tell.

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