Wednesday, 31 October 2012

On the Painting Table: Alternative Greater Daemon

I LOVE this guy!

He's an Aries figure from McFarlane toys who is subbing quite nicely for a Greater Daemon special character in my campaign.

Originally, this dude was in the running as a possible K'Daai Destroyer but I went with the minotaur model for that and kept this more lithe chap for the Chaos Daemons.

He's poseable when you buy him but I glued him in position and filled the joints with multi-purpose filler.

As I plan to use him for 40k as well as Fantasy I pushed nails up through the base I made for him from foamboard. I drilled holes in his feet so now he can have his base switched whenever I like.

For painting him I used Khorne Red | Black Ink | Khorne Red and Dwarf Bronze | Black Ink | Dwarf Bronze | Shining Gold. The black parts had a light drybrush of Eshin Grey.

The flaming hair do was a series of highlights up through orange to yellow.

Rules-wise I'm probably either going to invent my own (based loosely on a wingless Bloodthirster) or go with the rules for Skarbrand as they exist. I haven't decided yet.

Either way, this guy is going to be one of the commanders of my Daemon army facing the Space Marines in the north and will play a starring role in my History of the Daemons when I get round to writing it.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how he does in-game!

I'll find out soon enough! He's going up against my Men of Stone Space Marines later this week (if my wife's up for it)!

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