Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarf Skullcracker Painting Guide

So you want a Skullcracker - perhaps one of the best units ever invented in Warhammer?

Well good choice!

Let's find out how I went about doing it...

1) First build your Skullcracker.

Not an easy thing to do. It is quite a delicate model and kept coming apart in little ways.

The secret here was to mount it on a base for stability and to give you something to hold. I used foam board for this, making sure the knife I cut it with was ultra sharp to get a smooth cut.

The wheels weren't all at the same level (classic Forge World - oops, did I say that?) so I used glue and sand to fix all the wheels in place on "the ground."

2) Paint the whole thing a dark metallic colour (I used Boltgun metal at the time).

3) Shade the metal using black ink.

4) While it is drying, place it on top of some paint pots.

5) Start picking out contrasting areas in Dwarf Bronze (or another colour of your choice) as well as a bit of Warplock Bronze.

6) Be sure to dry model on some paint pots and place empty glass nearby in case of emergency. 

 7) Give those parts a good shading of Flesh wash.

8) Blow nose and discard tissue nearby. 

9) Knock over paint pot in frustration.

10) Start highlighting up the metals with progressively brighter silvers and golds, ending on a bright silver highlight for the end of the spikes.

11) Make pile of books and old VHS tapes on which to display finished model.

12) Decide not to bother with display stand. Stupid idea!

 7) Paint the Dwarfs to match the rest of your army.

8) Paint the coals in orange and red.

 9) Dry brush the upper surfaces of the coal black to get that glowing look.

10) Finish the basing and sit back to enjoy... 

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