Sunday, 21 November 2010

Empire Building

Years ago, my wife, son and I made a lot of cardboard houses to play Mordheim over. They were cool and we had a lot of fun but now that GW have produced their buildings (in quite a small scale), our old buildings don't like quite right next to them.

Hence my latest building project: to build a new set of houses more in line with the GW scale, specifically when it comes to size of roof tiles and level of detail.

At present I'm working on the prototype of a new line. If this one works then I'll slowly produce enough for a whole village. I would have finihsed the basic structure at least today but I've run out of wood so for now, let's see how the project is coming on...


  1. Wow! Very cool! Can't wait to see the end result. I need to get started with my medieval village at some stage. For now, I've been busy assembling the newest Witchfate Tor. Really good kit!

  2. Excellent work on the scaling. That's going to look so good when it's all finished.