Thursday, 18 November 2010

False Accusations

So my friend Joao suggested that the Empire were being quite passive in the campaign at the moment...

Not so!

This campaign turn the Empire have snatched two new realms, doubling the size of their holdings. If I win the game lined up for tonight against the Skaven the Empire forces will gain an extra army next turn. If victorious, I’ve also made a continuous join between the two New Sylvanian towns, strengthening their opposition and allowing mutual support!

“Quite passive” indeed!

They need to be careful because look at all those Tomb King armies lurking around like sharks. The Tomb Kings are concentrating on capturing the entire south at the moment so the New Sylvanians are going to come under threat very soon.

Fortunately however, the Wood Elves are threatening the Tomb King northern quadrant which can only play in the New Sylvanian's favour…

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