Wednesday, 24 November 2010

In Sight of the Skaven Capital!

Tim (Vampire Counts) vs Mike (Skaven)
With the extent of their realms dwindling within the closing fists of their enemies and legions of the undead in sight of their capital, the Skaven were getting desperate. Unless they acted quickly then all would be lost and they couldn’t rely on their attack on the fortress of the Vampire Counts to release the pressure on their frontier.
But Nagash had brought hundreds of warpstone meteors down from the sky to pave the way for the forces of Chaos and there was nothing that Skaven craved more. Needing to intercept the oncoming horde of the undead and seeing the warpstone littering the plains before them, the Skaven knew their mind. If they could get ahold of enough warpstone then they could effect the summong if a dread vermin Lord. With the Vermin Lord as part of their forces, no matter how dangerous that was, they could still consolidate their power base.

Battle was met. Clanrats rushed forward alongside Stormvermin and Plague Monks, assaulting the Skeletons and Crypt Ghouls that came shakily toward them. Scouting Gutter Runners crept toward the enemy flank and the dreadful tolling of a Screaming Bell sent awful shudders of power across the warpstone-littered plane. 
The undead immediately took hold of the warpstone meteorites but, filled with battle lust, the Skaven troops seemed more intent on slaughtering their enemies. An edge of fear that the undead were coming so close to their capital made the Clanrats desperate to defend their home, despite the greater strategic benefit of gaining the warpstone. Spheric, the genral of the undead force, ran into battle against the towering Screaming Bell and despite the cacophanous ringing managed to bring down Plague, his powerful sword, and destroy it with a single blow. But the Clan Pestilens Plague Censer Bearers rushed in from his flank, swinging their tainted flails, and drove him to the ground, taking him out of the battle. Immediately the undead army started to crumble but it was too late for it to do any good. The Skven no longer had the resources to stay in the fight and as their Grey Seer fled toward the edge of the battlefield they were forced to withdraw, leaving the warpstone in the hands of the enemy.
It was a close battle, fought almost to a draw but time had run out and capturing the objectives was all that ultimately mattered.

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