Thursday, 18 November 2010

Skaven Realm Fragmented!

The Skaven are flagging a bit in the campaign with their pale yellow realms fragmented and cut off from support. Their capital is under imminent threat from undead forces shambling towards it and the reserves that were pushing in to reinforce their home have been pinned by Empire patrols sallying out from Malko, the fortress town.

Their diabolic genius is such though that even as they fall under attack they are launching a major offensive against the dark castle of the Vampire Counts in the south east, a conflict that could determine the entire future of the Border Princes and the Empire beyond.

The Skaven warlord’s overall plan is to take over the Border Princes, annihilating all life, prior to his own full assault on the Empire. He hopes to recover a warpstone meteor which will be able to supply power sufficient to summon an invincible Vermin Lord. After that, there is perhaps nothing that can stop him.

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