Wednesday, 23 February 2011

On the Painting Table: Chaos War Hounds

My next unit is complete for my Beastmen army. Chaos War Hounds!

I suddenly remembered I'd bought some of these for my Necropolis game and based them on coins. I still want to use them for that (where they appear as Ghoul Hounds) but it struck me that I could put them on a movement tray and use then as they are. And they look fine. They even have a nice staggered look that agrees with me.

When I made them I was careful to fill the gap down the length of the body with powdered Multi-purpose filler. I didn't want to use the horns (as I was going for a non-demonic thing at the time) so I filled the holes too.

As far as colour, I went through three shades of progressively lighter grey before reaching white for the upper highlight. Fur looks really nice in white and I'm pleased with the result.

Now annoyingly, these don't count toward my minimum core unit limit with is a particular problem considering I have so many Rare choices already. But they look good and they fill a gap in the army list.

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