Saturday, 12 February 2011

On the Painting Table: Beastmen Giant

When I set out to paint my Beastmen giant (originally a toy from Papo) I had a bit of a quandary because the original colour scheme was already really nice. Having said that I knew that if I was going to be using a toy as a proxy, it would look a bit lame if I just stuck it on the base as was. But I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to meet and (hopefully) beat the original colour scheme if I redid it.

In the end though, I gave it a shot. Rather than starting from black I actually painted over the existing colours, slowly transforming it into a creature of my own design. I began with a brown ink wash over the fur before highlighting it gradually back up with bronzed and then elf flesh. I’m really pleased with the effect but it’s a bit too subtle to be appreciated in these pictures unfortunately.

He’s a different look than might be expected from a Beastmen giant but I like that about him. I’m planning to write him into my background as a unique character, a dark lord of the Beastmen grown to massive proportions (rather than the usual blundering beast). I’m also planning to reWORD the giant rules for my own satisfaction, so that they have the same game effects but reflect his imagery and weapons more accurately.

So Yell and Bawl becomes Roar. Pick up and... might become Devour, etc. I’ll play around with it until I’m happy but the basic rules, points and stats won’t change.

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