Saturday, 5 February 2011

Vengeance of the Chittering Horde

Spider Goblins (Tim) vs Tomb Kings (Mike)
When last they met, as the Tomb Kings had tried to batter their way into the centre to form a bridge between their realm and that of the Vampire Counts, the Forest Goblins of the Sleeping woods had ravaged their lines, routing them. And there it might have ended.
But the Spider King wanted more.
At first it had been about the Tomb Kings invading their lands along the banks of the river, but now he had a thirst for the clatter of brittle bones shattering under his sword and the swords of his minions.
The Tomb Kings were withdrawing through the hills toward their fortress at Barak Varr to prepare for a new assault, but the sound of hairy skittering legs came down on the wind. Behind them, across the hill line, appeared hundreds of chittering spiders; and after a pause, they surged down the slope.

The Tomb Kings reformed their line to meet them, preparing their incantations for the coming assault but the King raised his mummified hand to bid them stay. He wanted to lure the Goblins in so that they fell under the evil light of the Casket of Souls. As he’d hoped, sections of the Goblin advance fell to bickering, slowing their progress, but the wolf and boar chariots charged forward, impacting hard against the chariots of the Tomb Kings. At the other side of the field the Spider King led his Spider Riders hard into the deep ranks of a unit of skeleton spearmen. More chariots smashed into them as well and in moments, the skeletons were smashed to their components.
The Tomb Guard marched forward to meet fifty crawling giant spiders, hacking them down with their tomb blades but there were so many, there was no way they could hold out for long.
The Tomb King’s gambit of holding back so that the casket could do its magic wasn’t working. Phallicbone, the Orc Shaman kept his focus on it, using his magic to hold the lid closed. Devastatingly powerful though it was, the Casket could do nothing if the souls trapped within could not escape.
Then the Spider King and his horde of gigantic spiders slammed into the side of the casket, snapping the bones of the Casket Guards and pulling the Liche Priest upon it of his plinth. They surged past it, overtaken by a chariot that crashed into the Liche High Priest who was maintaining his army through the power of his will and kept on going, the goblins howling with glee as they effectively crippled the Tomb King force.
A towering giant reached down into the front rank of a unit of skeleton swordsmen and plucked up the Tomb King himself, just as the king bravely stepped forward to meet him. Requiring a supply of tooth picks, the giant shoved the king into his bag so he could break him up later and use his bones.
Meanwhile on the other flank however, the Tomb Guard and Tomb Princess on her Rhino chariot were holding strong. The cowardly goblins were fleeing from them piecemeal and even  the mighty horde of spiders were being taken apart.

But it was not enough and it was far too late.
The Spider King and all his spiders swept round and descended on the survivors from all sides, many of them still lagging behind, yet to come to battle; still bickering.
The Tomb Kings were routed once more and now they were perilously close to Barak Varr. Suddenly the Goblins had a chance to not only fight back against the undead, but possibly defeat them.

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