Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tactical Review: Vengeance of the Chittering Horde


Well… I am loving my spider goblin army!
The Spider King has the magic weapon that increases several of his stats (WS,S,I as I recall) and I find him to be very cool. I love the spider imagery and I really cannot wait for the new gigantic spider coming out with the new Orcs & Goblins army book in March. Having a horde of 50 spiders with “netters” is a lovely durable unit that does a lot of damage. If only the second one had made it into combat.
But what would I have done differently?
On the right side of the field I cleaned up but the chariots and Tomb Guard proved very tough. For a more decisive victory I guess I would have thrown more flanking forces in to drag them down on combat resolution.
The main thing that I would do differently though is to communicate better with my opponent. Poor old Mike had to put up with four Goblin chariots that had the rules and points cost for three wolves and four goblins but looked on the table like this:  

These were inherited from a friend and in the comfort of my home I pay the points for, and use them as the beefed up versions. I did tell him in the first turn but pre-deployment would have been better. Sorry Mike!
All in all, a very enjoyable ass-kicking game.


Well I took the field with the Tomb Kings for the 2nd time.  I had the knowledge of the magic this time and had the Casket of Souls of course – which just meant that Tim kept back 2 dice every magic phase so that he could dispel this, as he also had a level 4 Shaman. 

The problem that I found was that I was completely outnumbered from the start.  The core Tomb King army is pretty weak and with WS 2 it’s difficult to make inroads into the opposition.  The Casket of Souls is completely useless if you can’t open the blooming thing and for the points cost you could have another couple of core units. 

I don’t like the Tomb Kings, the magic is next to useless against a magic heavy army and the movement is pathetic.

However Tim played a really good game. He utilized his quick-moving chariots and gave me a thorough spanking.

And I do love a good spanking.

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