Monday, 18 April 2011

Tactical Review: Massacre at Dipswallow

I’d never played Wood Elves, even when I first collected Warhammer way back when, and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to do.  Should I stay back and ping my arrows at those stout little fellows or should I dive in for some good old fashioned hand to hand combat……? Well I did neither with my Glade Guard or Glade Riders.
In the first round of Dwarf shooting they decimated my Glade Guard and took out a few Glade Riders for good measure so that should have given me an idea of what to do.  This warning went unpunished and neither the Guard nor the Riders managed to get into combat all game.
My Treeman and Dryads were excellent.  I used them as a battering ram through the Dwarven ranks.  My Treeman killed (or for the sake of the campaign seriously wounded) Morgrim. The Treeman with the Ariels’ Blessing spell granting regeneration was an excellent combination. The lord on the mighty drake was awesome, hacking his way through the Dwarven crossbowmen and Thunderers.
Although my Wood Elf battle plan was very poor, luckily for me, Tims’ rolling was pretty poor after the first round of shooting.  His cannon misfired and blew up which was a relief and he had no luck in combat.
The pros for me with a new army were that Glade Riders and Guard aside, I thought my tactics were pretty much spot on.
The cons were that the magic was very weak and the initial set up of the army could have been better. 
Still victory was mine and the massacre of the dwarfs will live long in the memory…
Well yet another massacre under my belt! When I lose I do tend to lose big.
Mike had been rather worried for some time about the rules for Morgrim, suspecting he was too powerful, but he need worry no more. Morgrim got his ass handed to him by that Treeman! I have to say, Treemen are amazingly tough – they really are! It was a big mistake to go up against it alone. Maybe avoidance should be my top strategy there.
My warriors, Thane and Battle Standard Bearer did okay for a while but that Treeman did them in too!
One thing I did do right and that was to bring the miners on behind the lines. This was a tactic I’d seen work well with Mike’s Skaven Gutter Runners in the past. Against a gun-line army it is fantastic but with an army that moves forward it isn’t so good. I tend not to take them against assaulting armies.
That dragon!
I must admit I have a problem with big monsters. They always seem to be my nemesis. And once again I’m left feeling a little bewildered. I was down on points in this game again so I just didn’t have enough men to fight my battles for me. It would be interesting to analyse how many uneven battles like this lead to disaster. It’s nice to have them to make the map movement worthwhile but in-game it can be a bit of a challenge.
Two things that did do well were my Gyrocopter and Quarellers: mowing down Elves by the dozen. My Thunderers didn’t do so well though. Mike was wise to them and didn’t come close enough for me to blast him!
As for the cannon! Once again – it could have really done a lot of damage… but didn’t. Boom.
And something for Wood Elf players to chew on… The Athel Loren spell that gives Regeneration (Ariel’s Blessing) did a massive amount to keep that Treeman alive. If it hadn’t been for that, maybe Morgrim would have at least weakened it enough to allow the warriors to chop it down!

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