Wednesday, 6 April 2011

On the Painting Table: Chaos Daemon Horrors!

So I had five of the original metal Horrors, and then the new plastic ones came out. Which gave me the annoying unit size of fifteen.  Being a bit anal about this kind of thing, this scratched away at me for some time until I finally found a pack of five of the old ones at a local model shop!
After a suitable cooling off period on my pile of unpainted miniatures I pulled them out and got to work.
Now I used a particularly quick of painting these little chaps: Liche Purple, Warlock Purple and Thingy Pink (I can’t remember the proper name) that GW don’t seem to sell anymore. Kommando Kahki and Bleached Bone for the teeth and claws and Bob is your father’s brother!

In Fantasy these guys are interesting because they function as a single wizard effectively. I’ve not had enough experience with them to judge how well this works but in 40k they kick ass!
You’ll notice I’ve based them on circular bases. These rank up on movement trays fine and leave them free for 40k games as well!

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