Tuesday, 12 April 2011

On the Painting Table: Chaos Dwarfs/Abyssal Dwarfs!

The new Abyssal Dwarfs Lords War Conclave from Mantic is a nice little set alowing you to create a good set of starting characters for a GW Chaos Dwarfs army.

I'm most of the way through painting my first complete unit of Abyssal Dwarf Blacksouls (that I'll be using as Chaos Dwarf characters).

Now I have a game lined up against my wife's Temestrians in the current campaign turn so I'm pushing to be ready for that. It's going to be a small game but a welcome one. How weird will it be to have Dwarfs with magic?!?!

First up we have my Lord. The model looks a little bit hi-tech for Fantasy but I like him. The most striking thing about all these models is the size. They're huge! I wouldn't say they're out of scale... quite but they're pushing it. I think they'll look fine on the battlefield. Just don't stand this guy next to a Space Marine!  

Next up is the Daemonsmith/Sorcerer chappie. This guy is probably my least favourite of the three but he's still really nice. Observent readers may notice I have painted these golder than my previous Chaos Dwarf warriors. I liked it so much more that I'm going back and golding up the other guys.

Third and final, we have the Bull Centaur. This chap is really nice. He's the model I was least sure of before getting them but the one I like the most now. I enjoyed painting him and love the way he looks. Mantic are bringing out a unit of bull centaurs sometime so he'll lead them when they appear. In the meantime I'll probably have him running round by himself - see how that goes.

I've taken pictures for a painting tutorial of these guys so stay tuned for that... I'll get round to it sometime.

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