Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Project: Chaos Dwarfs - The First Complete Unit!

So now at last I have a (small but) playable army for my Chaos Dwarfs because I have finished painting 26 Chaos Dwarf Warriors using Mantic's Abyssal Dwarf models. 


After painting the characters gold I went back and upgraded the warriors I'd already done to the same colour scheme and I'm really liking it.

You'll notice I used some Chaos Warrior, Dwarf and Marauder parts (coutesy of my good buddy Mike) to spruce up the command models. The Mantic parts aren't that great for that but combined with these they look excellent.

Now, to be rules compliant I would need to split this unit in two to play a game which I might do. On the other hand, if I delay playing with them for a while, I might have time to paint up a second unit before I do.

I'm VERY excited about reaching that objective, because points-wise, I'll then be able to get my Lord on Great Taurus. Just wait until you see that model! It's amazing!

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