Saturday, 21 May 2011

Empire Tactica Part 7: Knights

Knights are great - especially with a character in tow. They can really kick ass. I've seen them go through unit after unit, their only weakness being the time it takes to get back into position for the next charge.

But beware. I've also seen them perform poorly, not doing anywhere near as much damage as I hoped and ending up in a drawn out wasteful combat.

Choosing when and where to strike is the trick. My personal view here is to place them on the flank and hold position until a charge is possible. Charge forward, smash the enemy then maneouvre ready to support the infantry charge you've also been holding back, hopefully getting in from the flank.

Should you pursue fleeing foes? If you don't then they might bite you back a turn or two later. I would not pursue if their Leadership was less than seven as long as reforming set me up for something really good next turn.

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