Thursday, 26 May 2011

Empire Tactica Part 9: Mortar

The mortar is the horde-army killing workhorse of the Empire army. Its large template is great for hitting large numbers of enemy models and excels against such dastardly foes as Skaven (boo hiss). If it doesn't misfire. Or get charged.

Tactics here are based on two things:

  1. Fire it at the largest units and if possible, in the centre of the enemy battleline. Large units mean more hits and centre of the battleline means scattering is more likely to go in your favour.
  2. Place the mortar to maximise the number of shots you can get off during the game. Don't limit your success with this beauty to one or two turns. Keep it firing and keep it killing.
By the way, I base all my war machines on these round bases now, aiming for a mini-diorama feel and I think they look amazing!

Second by the way... If you don't glue the mortar itself on it's possible to switch it over to being a cannon for games whern you'll be facing giants, knights, monsters and other tough multi-wound nasties.

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