Sunday, 26 February 2012

Massacre at the Tower of Hashut

Chaos Dwarfs (Tim) vs Tempestrians (Gill) 

Deep in the Worlds Edge Mountains, eastern rim of the Border Prices, one hundred miles north west of Gorak Duraz, fell capital of the Chaos Dwarfs and close to the eastward border of Tempestria, stands a great tower on a rocky plateau.

This is the dread Tower of Hashut.

Fair forgotten histories of the Chaos Dwarfs tell of the coming of Chaos from the north when yet they remained pure of heart; of a time of perilous need when no allies stood beside them to defend against this coming onslaught of Daemon and evil man. The histories tell of a terrible pact made in these hours with a strange and sinister visitor to the halls of Zorn Uzkull; a pact for salvation from this overwhelming attack in return only for the worship of Hashut: lord of Chaos; lord of Bulls.

Fearing for their lives, the Dwarfs accepted, and were damned forever more.

There is more to this tale; far far more; that is told elsewhere; but it is said that the great and terrible Hashut dwelt then and dwells now in an edifice far south and west of Zorn Uzkull; this place; this tower: the Tower of Hashut.

It is a place of evil; the lands about more barren than the rocks of the mountains themselves. All things good shun it, but it is a sacred site for the Chaos Dwarfs; a place of worship to which they can pilgrimage; to commune with their Lord face to face, to ask for his council or ask for his strength.

No one outside of the people of the Chaos Dwarfs knows the truth now. If Hashut resides in the tower or ever did is a mystery that will stand as long as the tower does, but regardless, those warriors that defend the tower are imbued with vitality; filled with hatred of their enemies and granted the boon of frenzy, such that they may rip out the hearts of any who would dare assault their dark god's home.

And thus is it was; on this day in the present time, that the Chaos Dwarfs of Gorak Duraz, the Cunning Stone, stood ready to defend this holiest of places from their enemies; the proud and strong warriors of Tempestria, to the west.

The Sorcerer Prophet watched as the enemy approached atop his Great Taurus, summoning fell magics of ash and fire.

Closer to the tower, the deadly steam-driven war machine known as the Skullcracker, never yet tested in battle, chugged noisily, eager for blood and carnage while flanking the tower strode not one, but two undefeatable K'Daai Destroyers.

The knights of Tempestria charged into battle as the magical bolts and arrows of the foot soldiers and sorceresses filled the air, taking down the Sorcerer Prophet before he could join his legion in battle.

Methuselah crashed into the Skullcracker astride one of his Hippogriffs, denying the momentum of its charge, and both he and the powerful beast scored at the infernal machine, as to his left, two powerful units of knights assaulted the mountainous animated statues of the K'Daai.

But neither Methuselah or his beast were a match for the Skullcracker. His hippogriff was chopped and sliced into ribboned flesh and he was sent reeling and unconscious into the mud to crawl feebly and terrified away as it crunched on, almost unharmed.

The knights fared little better against the K'Daai Destroyers.

Meanwhile, from the flank came a mighty Bull Centaur Taur'ruk. He slew the faltering crew of a towering trebuchet then went on to hack into the archers beyond, bringing them down. And as all this was going on, Daemonsmiths hurled fire and death, while their presence allowed ever accurate Deathshrieker Rocket Launchers to strike unerringly at their foes.

Even with fully half of their stout warriors garrisoning the Tower of Hashut, the Chaos Dwarfs devastated the Tempestrian assault, the Skullcrusher and mighty K'Daai Destroyers, charging on into the back field to hunt down any survivors.

The Tempestrian assault had been a paltry thing; barely a threat.

Within their own realm, the Chaos Dwarfs ruled supreme!


  1. Nice battle.. though 2 K'Daai's in one list.. kinda scary thing to go up against :)
    Also seems the skullcracker did well, but how well do you think it did though? Was it worth it? Would you take it again?

  2. Thanks for the comment. 2 K'Daai's are indeed a scary proposition... for my opponent (evil snigger).

    The Skullcracker is DEFINITELY worth the price. Not only is it a beautiful model; it kicked ass but good, chewing through two of my opponent's best units without taking more than a couple of wounds. And it didn't even get the charge and impact hits!

    Also, the Daemonsmith/rocket launcher combo was unbeatable! Two pairs of each with the Lore of Fire was incredible!

    I plan to write a review of the army list at some point so watch this space.

    Here's a spolier: Chaos Dwarfs rock!

  3. Can you tell me how you did the terrain here?

  4. When you say, "the terrain," do you mean, the rocks, the trees, the tower or the board itself...?