Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Mighty Bridge of Hel Snatch


Near the western rim of the Devil's Pathway, close to the centre of the Border Princes, the River Trebleca winds down toward the Fields of Contagion and the deserted city of Fell Glen at its mouth on the edge of the Black Gulf.Here the Old Silk Road, that comes from far off Tempest Falls in the east crosses at the mighty bridge of Hel Snatch.

In years past, the Old Silk Road served as the artery of trade and transport from one end of the Tempestrian realms to the other, beginning at that famous plateau of rock whereupon the castle of Tempest Falls stands, through Malko, the erstwhile capital to Gaping Jaw, home for a while to the thrice cursed men of Jordan d'Astatic, now more greatly known by the name of fear, Bull Rogue, transformed as he is into a monstrous troll.

Here, at the mighty bridge of Hel Snatch, the Old Silk Road crosses the Trebleca, scant miles from the brooding edifice of Gaping Jaw, once a bastion of men; now infested with animalistic Orcs and Goblins. It is across this bridge that the Orcs come to bring misery to the lands of the east, but times have changed from the years when they ran free, unopposed.

For now, this land is possessed of the recently awakened Warriors of Dunkel Schloss, dread legions of Chaos whose only purpose is to kill and conquer. They control the Old Silk Road from Hel Snatch to the edge of the West Woods surrounding Malko.

One day soon their attention will turn that way, toward the realms of mankind, but for now, they stand in sight of the towers of Gaping Jaw. For now they wait only until their forces are ready. For though the Orcs will come to drive them back, their know in their black hearts that Gaping Jaw will soon be theirs.


  1. You're officially insane! :)

    Anyway, amazing effort there! The bridge is a ludicrous and yet outstanding achievement! It will definitely be a very interesting game to play there.
    And now I really want to meet this bridge in person!

  2. Seriously.. how large is that? The model gives a great sense of scale, but what are the dimensions of it? Could have an entire battle just on the bridge itself! Great job mate.

  3. Well it is indeed huge.

    It’s about 17” wide – enough for three normal units side by side – and about 43” long. It really is much bigger than I intended to make but I decided that the ability; as you say; to have a battle on the bridge (rather than a one unit traffic jam) overruled any good sense I might otherwise have had!

    Thanks for the feedback. Getting comments makes it all worthwhile.