Monday, 20 February 2012

Tactical Review: Massacre on the Bridge of Hel Snatch


Well I really really enjoyed this game.

Visually it was stunning. The bridge I built the other week may be a bitch to store but I’m really glad I built it. It’s a lovely centre piece. And thank God I made it big enough to have several units side by side! I think this game was a bit frustrating for Mike because of the traffic jam effect, but because I’d had the chance to think about it for longer I managed to manage it fairly well I think.

Not perfectly though by any means. I still got some traffic jammage going on preventing charges at a couple of points. The other thing I had tome to do was construct an army with a flyer and some shooting elements so that I could reduce the amount of bulk on the bridge but still have an impact on the battle. That helped a lot. I also think having a Wyvern arrive in the flank must have had an impact on good ol’ Mike’s morale.

The other thing that I liked about this battle was my new Bull Rogue troll model from Banelords. Bull Rogue looked fantastic and also did a lot of damage, really living up to his rep and making him an excellent purchase. It makes a big difference to me having named characters with a long running background and it didn’t hurt that he was good in a fight.


Well it was another fascinating game with a very interesting board.  You’ve all seen by now, or at least should see, Tim’s excellent bridge which was where our epic battle was taking place.

For me it was a very experimental army, I’m really lacking in core units for my chaos warrior army so I have to be creative in my army.  Throgg was thrown in so that a small unit of trolls counted as a core choice for example and I dabbled with a sorcerer lord rather than a usual chaos lord.  The sorcerer lord was excellent and the +3 to casing is amazing.

The problem in this battle, much like the previous battle against the tomb kings was the narrow playing area and managing the flow of units.  I tried quick on the left and slow on the right which in essence is an excellent idea however with Tim’s chariots moving 14’ on the first turn I couldn’t get the units out quick enough which caused a massive backlog.  If I could have had more units free then I think that I would have won the battle at a  canter however as it was I was slowly picked off.  Well played Orcs.

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