Thursday, 1 November 2012

On the Painting Table: Rocky Scenery Pieces!

Why build one piece of rocky terrain...

... when you can have eleven!?

(Evil laughter)

Seriously, I woke up weekend before last and decided to go CRAZY with rocky scenery. 

My campaign map contains large areas that are mountainous which (books under my war blanket to make hills not withstanding) are quite hard to represent on my flat gaming table.

The idea here is that with almost a dozen rocky outcroppings of various sizes, I should be able to give a feeling of mountainous terrain on the relative flat. 

I've taken enough pictures of the process to justify a scenery tutorial post I'll release when I get round to it but basically: we're talking insulation foam on a foamboard base dry brushed brown and then cream. 

I had four pieces originally which I've touched up and fixed a bit but most of these are new pieces - all designed specifically for wargaming. In other words, with flat areas for sticking men. 

Having said that I was more about creating a suggestion of terrain than making them usable in that way. 

This piece, by the way, is the first ever scenery piece I made (fourteen years ago?). It is actually an enormous rock (and a few smaller ones), stuck on a cardboard base. Elegant but heavy. 

I'm running out of things to say about rocks now but still have several more pieces to show you. 

(Humming noise) 

(Drums fingers on table) 


Ah, that's a relief!

To say I am looking forward to using these in a game is understating things.

I actually really want to set them up in a wood. How cool would that be?!?


  1. Hello!
    These rocks are ridiculously awsome! :D What base coat did you put on them? I am almost certain to reckognize Ushabti bone as lightning or drybrushing (bleached bone), but I can't name the basecoat... maybe celestra grey?
    Please continue to post and make such a marvelous work!


    1. Hi Justin,

      Thanks. They are cool to use.

      I actually used a mid brown as the basecoat. It wasn't a GW colour but one I got from B&Q from the colour mixing station. You could probably use grey or a khaki colour. I added so much bleached bone that you can't really see.

      Have you seen the tutorial I wrote on how I did it? If you press the tutorial link on the top right under the different categories you'll see it.