Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Dwarfen Boundaries Collapse as Orcs Overrun Lines

The Orcs of Gaping Jaw (Tim) vs The Dwarfs of Karak Hirn (Mike)
Lying ready for the skulking orcs, the Dwarfs of Horn Hold readied their well-oiled handguns, crossbows and cannons and as the orcs and goblins came into sight they let loose, eviscerating the orc boyz in the centre of the onrushing horde. The flame cannon sent raging napalm into the ranks, incinerating orcs before they could close the distance to the dwarf gun line. The dwarf lord smiled grimly, confident that victory was near but his smile was premature.
There were simply too many orcs and goblins, and with many of them mounted on chariots and wolves and with a huge giant striding alongside, the dwarfs were in trouble. Almost simultaneously the giant and the orc warlord mounted on a gargantuan wyvern hammered into the dwarf lines. Chariots jammed full of goblins and dragged by ravening wolves were close behind.
Unit after unit crumbled, either fleeing or being wiped out by the brutal charges. The tremendous kill rate the dwarfs had achieved with their firepower couldn’t be sustained once close fighting began and to make matters worse, several cannons misfired and exploded.
If that wasn’t bad enough, the last unit of heroic dwarfs were harried from all sides by tricksy wood elves, keeping their distance but whittling the dwarfs down with bow fire. Their dark plan to assist the orcs had started acting at the worst possible time!
The one remaining dwarf lord refused to cow down however. He threw his oath stone to the ground and climbed on top of it, steadying himself and his men for the onrushing orc horde. As the warboss and his wyvern crashed into his line he strode into battle, hacking at the mighty beast and his unholy rider. But it was too little, too late. The dwarf lord was cut down and the orcs ravaged the remains of his unit. The dwarfs had lost and the battered remains of their army were forced to withdraw.
And smiling cruelly, the wood elves slipped away into the forest, knowing that their manipulations would soon bear sinister and tainted fruit.

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