Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Vampire Counts Rules Crumble

And here’s what I really though of that game!

Classic Vampire Counts:

I had a vast zombie army. I’m talking bigger than has ever been seen before: three forty-strong hordes PLUS a sixty-strong horde using my newly painted zombies. I had points left enough for three magic-strong vampires, a Varghulf, some Grave Guard and some Crypt Ghouls… And some Cairn Wraiths!

My wife got some good rolls and played well and I got some pretty grim rolls but I was doing well. By creating several new zombie units in flanking positions I set up some carefully crafted combats. My wife was targeting my vampires (good for her) but my victory detector was starting to peep.

Then her lord charged my lord on his hippogriff.

He does a challenge. With some doubt I accept. I have a sword that auto-kills if a wound is scored, several attacks and I strike first. Obviously I miss completely and he kills me with his multi-wound sword. Making my entire army crumble.

The end.

Here is an alternative way that this battle could have played:

I set my lord up next to my wife’s lord on an empty board. We play out the challenge (taking five minutes). I lose.

Method two enables me to save time setting out my army and achieves exactly the same effect without the wasted time, frustration and despair!

I love Vampire Counts, I really do, but every game I either lose my lord and die, spend the entire game trying to avoid that stupid hippogriff guy, or get a lucky roll and beat him. Why should I need to protect the lord? He’s a vampire lord! He should be out there kicking ass!

What is wrong with that picture…?

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