Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dwarfen Realm Under Threat!

As the day moves closer to sunset, Orcs and Goblins creep furtively through the undergrowth of the foothills near the Dwarf fortress of Karak Hirn… Horn Hold!

They prepare themselves to strike, easing their chariots quietly through the scrub, readying for a major frontal assault. Their last probing attack was repulsed, but now, with far greater forces, they hope to prevail, driving forward into the Dwarf realm.

But disaster! With their scouts alerting them of the greenskin approach, the Dwarf host is closing in on their Orc and Goblin foes, preparing to strike pre-emptively. With surprise on their side, the Orcs should be eliminated quickly and with the full fury of the throng.

However a third force is closing on the battlefield: capricious Wood Elves determined to weaken the Dwarfen hold on the mountains. They plan to strike from the edges of the battle with their arrows, bringing down the Dwarfs as the Orcs approach. And with the Dwarfs dead and the Orcs weakened, there will be nothing to stop the Elves from taking the field of victory.

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