Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Zombies Are Coming!

With four games coming up involving Vampire Counts I thought it was time to invest in some more zombies. Up to now I’ve been using Games Workshop zombies to create a sort of graveyard diorama on each movement tray with zombies surging up from the ground and shambling between the gravestones.

This has worked well and looks pretty cool but I’ve always felt I ought to have more zombies.
Hence the quick purchase of sixty Mantic zombies!
I like Mantic zombies a lot. They offer nicely proportioned bodies and they're great value. With a game of Necropolis (my self-written horror skirmish game) lined up this evening I’ve been on full zombie-painting mode and have managed to complete all sixty. That ups the total number of zombies I could field in Warhammer to about one hundred and eighty (with a reserve of about thirty for raising during the game).
I’m quite curious to see how an army list will go with such a vast number of zombies tying up the enemy units. I’m interested at a thematic level (and who doesn’t love zombies?) but it might also open up some interesting tactical options. With the enemy units locked into a battle of attrition against a horde of three ranks of fighting zombies, the rest of my army can get into position for flank charges. And one hundred and eighty zombies only costs 720 points. For such a vast army, to still have so many points left for other things should be great!

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  1. Great zombie collection. They can be very useful to support Nagash!