Friday, 23 December 2011

A Knight's Duty

Tempestrians (Gill) vs CHaos Dwarfs & Beastmen (Tim) 

And in the east, as from a dark cloud, the unholy alliance of Beastmen and Chaos Dwarfs descended on the village of Spitbranch, roaring in their against all that lives and loves. 

But the valiant knights of Tempest Falls rode hard to meet them, bringing holy lance to unholy fur and armour. Arrows flew as the filthy ones used cunning to hide their coward faces behind brick and mortar but the fleet hooves of the barded warhorses could not be outmanoeuvred.

The beasts brought down Pegasus Knights and others but a new ally has joined the Tempestrians, taking complete control of all magic on the field, a Fey Enchantress, but one of dark hair who had never been seen before. 

And though the forces of evil were devilish in their ploys, they could not resist the power and will of the forces of order. Skirmish after skirmish fell to the knights, and though the evil ones slayed almost their equal, they were within hostile lands and far outnumbered.

 In time they were defeated. 

And sent back to their murderous hills to plot once more the downfall of mankind. 

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