Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Spotlight on: The Garden of Morr

The Garden of Morr is one of those spectacular scenery pieces which really is amazing! Something you have to have NOW! Though somehow it still took me several months to get round to it.

And it does look good!

I used all the greys to do the main colours to maintain that drab creepy night time look; dark red for the roses and a dull cream for the skulls (to keep everything subdued). My initial plan had been for white skulls but these drew the eye too much. 

It is a lovely piece but there are a few slightly annoying things about it:  

To keep it versatile and allow the use of the walls as standalone pieces, you have to keep rebuilding it, remembering the place and orientation of each element.
 The elements are a bit tight. It’s hard to get it to go together perfectly with no gaps in the walls. 

 There is very limited playing area inside the garden (unless you remove mausoleums - which makes it less realistic) and the fences are prone to falling over while you try to fit miniatures into the small gaps.

These are quibbles though because it is lovely. And you can remove the mausoleums completely which also looks good.   

With these limitations, it works best as a bit of mood scenery or as something for a smaller scale, like Mordheim, or my own horror game, Necropolis.

But it does set the mod beautifully. 

I can’t wait to build a town round it and try it out alongside my other cemetery.


  1. Awesome work!

    Do you think you need a touch of color in the graveyard some where, like the statue to stand out slightly?

    What colors did you use for the greys?

    1. It’s a point of view but I’m happy as is. The flowers and skulls provide a nice counterpoint on the real life model and I wouldn’t want to draw the eye to the statue (which to me is the least interesting element)…

      I used the older colours: Adeptus Battlegrey, then Codex and Fortress Grey. Basically just working up from dark to light, focusing more and more on the upper areas.