Tuesday, 8 March 2011

On the Painting Table: Beastmen Doombull & Tuskgor Chariot!

I’m getting closer and closer to having a playable Beastmen army and two new additions leave me only one step away!
Here’s my Doombull. I just loved this model and had to have him as the leader of the army – even though he has a point less Leadership. I loved the old model too but this one is even better.

I plan ultimately to put him in a unit of Minotaurs, but for now he’ll run round by himself. I’m just desperate to start playing! I’ve found this army particularly annoying to get to that level – because of the new percentage restrictions on army creation and the fact that Rare and character choices I bought early were so high in points.

And here’s very much an impulse buy I made at the excellent Dark Sphere shop in London, just behind the London Eye: a Beastmen Tuskgor Chariot.
I kind of like it now it’s done but it didn’t glue together very well. I’m not quite sure what possessed me to get it as I already have a lot of chariots in my Goblin army and don’t particularly like them in the game. I think I was trying to get a quick filler on points to get me up to a playable level.
Still, it adds another faster unit, which, along with the Beastmen Giant and Chaos Hounds, makes the army quite a swift one.


  1. Awesome! I love the way you painted the Doombull's great weapon!

  2. Thanks. I did that with a Tin Bitz basecoat and Dwarf Bronze wet-brush streaking. The metal bit was that old standby: Boltgun Metal with a black ink wash.