Thursday, 13 December 2012

Alternative Exalted Greater Daemon of Slaanesh

Well look at this beauty!

Approve or disapprove the use of toys and action figures as proxies - and I've been laughed out of more than one GW veteran's nights by nerdy guys with one half painted army (he said bitterly) - but I like them!

Obviously there is an element of money-savingness but also I've come across and developed what, to me, make lovely centre pieces.

Let's look at the model. 

This was originally the McFarlane figure, Lucidique, from his Tortured Souls range. With a repaint and basing, I'm using her to represent an Exalted Keeper of Secrets - Greater Daemon of Slaanesh.

More specifically she represents the special character in my campaign and ongoing Tale of Years, K'syarta, the instigator of the corruption of the Elves and a key influence on the turning days of the Warhammer World.

Painting-wise, I used Dwarf Flesh | Flesh Wash | Dwarf Flesh | Elf Flesh on her skin and dark red | black wash | dark red | lighter red on her skirt.

Her hair was drybrushed very dark and then lighter grey.

The base was cut from foamboard to the same dimensions as the Araknarok Spider base.

Scale-wise, she's big - and unlike a lot of the other big models I've done, quite slender.

Here's a shot of the proportion to other models - which I'm pleased with. She's huge and scary but there's still an element where you're not sure whetehr you would or wouldn't want to meet her on a dark night.

And of course she is the leader of the Slaanesh element of my Daemon army - and can be used in 40k!!!

Finally, here she is with her eternal lover, Prospertine. If you've started to follow my Tale of Years you'll know that this pair are pivotal and have been mixing it up since just about the dawn of time.

In the present day campaign they command the northern and southern wings of the Daemonic Incursion from the Pernicious Gate.

Time will tell how they fair on the field of battle....


  1. Nice work on both models mate. Though questioning as to why they are on the monster bases instead of the normal Greater Daemon bases.. which are 50mm. Not the worst thing to have, but was curious :)

    Can't wait to see how they do in the tale!

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for the comments! They're on large bases because they represent the Exalted Greater Daemons from Storm of Magic (and spacial characters).

      I'm glad someone is reading my backstory. I often wonder if it interests anyone other than me but I do love writing it.

      I've found that writing a backstory and weaving it into established Warhammer history really helps to bring a campaign alive. The good news is that after I've finished doing it this time every race will be covered - making the ongoing stories a lotjuicier and better motivated.

  2. they look great , and its the creative approach towards your army that stand it apart from everyone eles's , nothing wrong with those giants , and the quality of the sculpts are on par or better than other Monster sized miniatures. The money saving angle is a very valid one with the prices of similar size kits going into the hundreds .. hats off to you and your army. the basing really helps tie it all together.

    1. I totally agree about the price and stuff. Thanks for the niceness on my army and basing. I actually think that basing is the most critical part of painting.

  3. great work fella...i want one....that looks better than the forge world all for an army that is stand alone...great paint work..and i must say im new to this blogger but i follow this campaign with much interest..well done keep it up.

    1. Good idea. Why don't you search for her on eBay?

  4. Just a random anon here... Your figure turned up on what should have been a very different Google Image Search. Made me smile to see Lucidique making (another) unexpected appearance as a KoS. No, you're not the only one! The fellow I'm thinking of went in the other direction. You customized the figure to fit your army. He built his first Slaanesh army around around a Hellraiser-ish color scheme that matched the Tortured Souls leather costumes and skin tones. Like you, he was imaginative enough to think of something beyond purple in all its variations.

    Not surprisingly, Lucidique and the other figures from that line fit in perfectly and tower over the battle field as "greater daemons". Sounds like you encountered the same brand of sour-puss "veterans" that give hobby a bad name.

    Next time any of 'em give you static, pull rank. :D Remind those "veterans" they've forgotten how the early edition rule books and low number White Dwarfs specifically recommended this kind of improvisation as a way to make do and, most importantly, have fun! This was back when GW was still marketing the game to impoverished English teenagers and not to smug, wealthy, middle-aged men like themselves. Nobody should laugh at your army. It's imaginative and you've clearly put some serious thought into it both visually and conceptually.