Friday, 3 June 2011

Tactical Review: Massacre on the Old Silk Road


This was a difficult one to call.  The deployment meant that my army was squashed into one corner of the board and with the amount of terrain pieces I was unable to effectively close the gap on the Tomb Kings. 

Luckily I got rid of both the Screaming Catapult and Casket of Souls without too much bother and without the casket even opening.  Tim had decided to retreat to garrison his units in houses rather than face my little rat bastards in hand to hand conflict.  Ultimately this was his undoing, I couldn’t get to him  and the winds of magic ran dry the whole game.  Although casualties were kept to a minimum I prevailed by only killing 3 units. 

The battle was more tactical than blood and guts which made a nice change of pace. 


Oh. My. God.

As determined as I am to beat Mike sometime, I messed this up badly.

Well, put it this way, I had a really good plan that would have probably won me the game but after deployment was the wrong time to come up with it. If Mike had assualted me in the buildings, I would have kicked his ass. Instead, he didn't reach the units I withdrew and the units left behind gave him enough victory points to win the game.

Having said that, my Undead Rhino kicked ass using the rules for the Necrosphinx. I used to use him as a chariot (which made NO sense. Now the rules fit him perfectly (although Mike grumbled a bit).

The biggest disaster though was forgetting to use the Casket of Souls TWICE IN A ROW.

And forgetting the power dice enhancement!

Man, forgetting stuff is my Achiles Heel!

Mike and I have agreed to remind one another if this kind of stuff happens again so hopefully he can help me not screw up so much.

As an aside, the terrain looked great!

And keeping the Hierophant in a unit of horsemen worked fairly well. I hate having a single model who can lose the game for me who is also a points sink and powerful magic user. Keeping him safe tends to mean not using him to full potential.

God, I wish they'd got rid of that in the latest army book!

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