Thursday, 9 June 2011

On The Painting Table: Rat Ogres

Well, I have a confession. I didn't just paint these guys but I thought I'd do a quick showcase.

They're a combination of regular and Island of Blood Rat Ogres that I only recently built up into a nice sized unit.

I kind of regret not doing white-furred Skaven across the whole army (that's a project for another day) so I went with that on these guys to make them really stand out. I used Codex and Fortress Grey with a White highlight. The brown bits are Scorched and Bestial Brown. The metal parts are Boltgun Metal with a black ink wash.

One of my fondest Skaven wishes is that they'll bring out a model for the Skaven Warlord mount choice that has them riding a Rat Ogre. That would be amazing, and though I could do a passable conversion myself probably, I wouldn't want them to bring out a model after that that outdid me.

Rat Ogres have mixed success in games in my opinion. I've noticed my good friend Mike often doesn't field them by choice and I've certainly not done that well with them myself in previous games.

But they do look good! And as I often say, that's the main thing that matters.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting colour scheme. Very dark Ogre rats. They go well together with the "new" Island of Blood ones.