Monday, 27 June 2011

Spiders & Bones

Tim (Spider Goblins) vs Gill  (Tomb Kings)

The Chittering Horde of the Spider King had never been defeated.

From the dark bowers of Razor Web Forest, a carpet of creeping and crawling monstrosities came, for the first time arrayed in all their grisly splendour.Never before had so many spiders been seen, goaded and driven by their sinister Goblin masters.

But their enemy was every bit as terrifying. Every bit as implacable.

Their enemy were the Tomb Kings of the Undead Nation.

The Tomb King forces had been driven back, almost to their lair of Barak Varr, the former stronghold of the Dwarfs, but they were still far from defeat or surrender and the silent legions marched on the scurrying ranks of the Spider Goblins!

The huge form of an Arachnarok Spider led the advance but the Tomb Princess riding one of her Undead Rhinos charged forward to meet it, both of them incredibly powerful and apparently undefeatable.

The behemoths crashed into one another, shattering the boughs of trees and sending up clouds of dust as the goblins on the spider's howdah cackled and screeched, poking forward with their spears. The Arachnarok Spider was amazingly potent but the Undead Rhino was every bit as tough as Warsphinx whose powers it emulated. The spider brought it down but at a cost and as the Tomb King Gashorah charged it he brought it down with a single blow of his terrible sword. 

Skeleton Horsemen, forming a vanguard force on their far right flank, circled in to deliver a punishing side blow, but their blank eye sockets didn't see the approaching chariots until it was too late. 


Three goblin chariots smashed through them without slowing, the initial impact alone enough to destroy them utterly.

 But it wasn't going to be so easy.

The Spider King and his riders were set to rout and even with the army's Hierophant vanquished, the undead marched on, their Tomb King and Tomb Princess leaders spurring them forth as the goblins bickered, only advancing sporadically.

Both armies had taken huge losses but they still fought on, circling and closing, until the last vestiges of the battle charged in, spiders crawling up and over the bony shoulders of their enemies and dragging them down.


The tide was turning. The resilience of the Tomb Kings could only hold out for so long against such overwhelming numbers. 

The last of the skeletons fought on but the fight was over. 

The spiders ground their bones into the muddy earth and then crept away and onwards. 

Barak Varr was growing close now. So close. And only one army now lay before the spiders and their quarry. One army of undead warriors, determined to enact their vengeance! 

Before it was too late...

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