Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tactical Review: Spiders & Bones


This was one of those nicely tight games.

Playing against my wife is always a pleasure. We tend to takes things fairly slowly, playing a couple of turns a day over half a week. That laid back method is kind of cool. She doesn't feel under too much pressure to play and we both get the pleasure of the game spread over a longer period.

The likely winner went back and forth but at the beginning of the game I was smug enough not to charge her Hierophant because I didn't think it would be fair: she obviously hadn't understood how important he was when she moved him close enough for me to do it.

Later on though, I was really struggling and plunging into one of my patented in-game bouts of despair. The placement of a magical vortex cast by one of my Goblin Shamans really got in my troops' way and prevented me getting my flanking reserves into position until much later in the game.

I'm really not sure I like magical vortexes.

Now, the Arachnarok Spider... How hard is he!?!? I stand by my decision not to add the catapult or great Shaman and he did very well. Not as well as I'd hoped - the Undead Rhino posed a difficult challenge that drained my wounds, but I got him in the end.

My chariots did well, providing a versatile troubleshooting group who would stay together or operate apart.


My big spider units weren't as good as I would have hoped but that was partly because of the following...

What would I have changed if I could...?

I think a Battle Standard Bearer is absolutely critical for all Warhammer armies, and none more so than low-Leadership Goblins. I had at least one too many Goblin Shamans (too many actually to have cards for them - I had to cheat a bit and use Orc spells until one got killed). I should have had the Battle Standard Bearer instead.

If only I had a model to represent him!

Maybe I'll get one of my Shaman's with a pole and work my conversion magic...

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