Saturday, 15 January 2011

On the Painting Table: Ogre Butcher & Battle Standard Bearer

I take a pause half way through a game with my lovely wife to let you take a look at my new Ogre Butcher and Battle Standard Bearer conversions.

Both models are based on the basic Bull model and I'm reasonably pleased with how they look.

I wanted to experiment with a second Butcher but didn't want to pay the price for the actual model (I already have one) and I also wanted to see if I could do better. I do really like him.

Here's the Battle Standard Bearer:

Like my Dwarf one, his banner is made up of several different standard banners layered up to give a (hopefully) impressive look. I'm not entirely sure about his helmet but he did just save my Tyrant and the rest of his unit from fleeing off the board so he's doing something right!


  1. That Standard Bearer is so cool. It was worth the extra effort you put into it!

  2. Great conversions man! How did you make the left club arm? afaik the ogre sprues only have right hand weapons.
    PS: funny to see you painted their feet in skin tone. Looks like they're wearing metal slippers instead of completely metal shoes :)
    I still need to paint my ogre battalion, and this is inspiring.

    1. Well thank you. I have to say I have no recollection of how I did the clubs but as I recall they aren’t the same club. I’m pretty sure that’s two different ones.

      I wanted the feet to be slippers to capture more of an eastern look.