Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Spotlight On... The Ogre Yhetees

Taking a trip to my local model shop in Christchurch, I spotted a pack of War God Wendigos.

Now these are beautiful miniatures that my good friend Joao had already purchased a couple of. Apparently they were no longer available so to find a little stash was great news! I gave him a call and asked him if he wanted me to buy them for him and before I knew it I'd bought some for myself! Which left me with the predicament of working out what to do with them.

And then I realised! Ogre Yhetees!

These really are nice models and so I wanted to do something really special but my other challenge was there were a little small compared to my Ogres. Since there were supposed to be stronger, how could I make this make sense?

I decided to make a sort of movement tray diorama to give the models some height, make them look cool and draw the eye away from their stature.

Building a cliff did the job but I needed each model to be individually removable without destroying the look.

I used balsa wood covered in all-purpose filler to make the cliff, painting it a variety of greys and adding a bit of foliage from a railway model shop to cover some of the gaps. That tree is a railway tree. The Yhetees themselves were painted dark grey, inked black then highlighted back through all the available shades of grey to white.

They're lovely to play with but a bit annoying. The Yhetee rules don't seem to be that competative and this unit costs 540 points - over wuarter of a 2,000 point army. With the new cover rules, their previously amazing move through cover rule is a bit useless and without armour or impact hits they aren't as good as they might be after a new army book is released.

On the other hand, they do look cool. And that's the most important thing.



  1. This is a great diorama! Impossible to take with you I'd imagine, but wow. These are awesome.

    1. Heh heh. It did come out pretty well but it is kind of annoying to play with. The tree guy falls over if you aren’t careful and going up or down hill can be problematic.

      I was relieved they decreased the points cost of Yhetees in the latest army book. They are much more cost effective now.